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How Aging Adults Benefit from A Clean Home Environment

how-aging-adults-benefit-from-a-clean-home-environmentRegularly cleaning one’s home is essential to maintain good indoor air quality and stop the spread of germs that can cause illness. Houses that are left to accumulate clutter, dirt, and dust not only age faster than well-maintained homes, but they can also affect your quality of life. In addition to personal care in Illinois, home care providers can assist with some housekeeping tasks to help seniors maintain their homes.

As an agency specializing in home care services, we will discuss how seniors benefit from having a clean home:

  • Reduce Allergies

    Regularly cleaning the home is the best way to remove dust and reduce other irritating allergens from the home. Vacuuming and sweeping can dispose of dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens that cause flu-like symptoms. Seniors with asthma and respiratory problems can breathe easier and relieve their symptoms through light housekeeping.

  • Lower Fall Risks

    Aging adults are at a higher risk of slips and falls that can cause serious injury. With regular housekeeping, caregivers can identify and remove trip hazards. This includes removing clutter, such as loose items and piled knick-knacks or books that can easily fall on top of someone and injure them.

  • Reduce Stress

    Many of our elders struggle to keep their homes clean due to factors like impaired mobility, low energy, and age-related conditions. Having someone to help look after their home and belongings can greatly reduce stress and make daily life easier.

Golden Years Home Care LLC is your go-to provider of home care in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. To promote a clean and organized home environment for our clients, we offer assistance with tasks like personal laundry, changing linens, vacuuming, and more. Contact us today to find out more about this service.

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