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How to Ensure Your Senior’s Safety at Home

How to Ensure Your Senior’s Safety at Home

Data shows that falls are one of the leading causes of injuries in older adults. The figures also show that most fall incidents happen inside the homes of our elderly, especially in the bathroom and stairs. As a provider of home care in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, we want to help you make your senior loved ones’ homes safer for them.

Here are some of the safety tips we can share as a trusted company in the field of home care services:

  • Place fall prevention measures in the senior’s home.

    Installing handrailings on the side of the stairs and grab bars in the toilet can assist the elderly. Placing anti-slip mats in the bathroom, toilet, and other places that get easily wet can help prevent slipping.

  • Keep the senior’s home clean and tidy.

    Tripping hazards can be avoided when the walkways in the house remain clutter-free. Fixing rugs and carpets to the floor can also prevent tripping over them. Our light housekeeping services can make sure your senior loved one’s home is tidy and safe.

  • Have them accompanied.

    Having a constant companion can give you peace of mind that your senior family member is being taken care of. Our professional caregivers can provide mobility assistance and personal care in Illinois.

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