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Workout Safety Tips for Seniors

Seniors are advised to include simple exercise in their activities of daily living to reduce the risk of suffering from falls and to maintain or improve their mobility. Doing toe stands, knee curls, and walking exercises can improve a senior’s balance. These easy balancing and stretching workouts can also help in the rehabilitation process for seniors who experience leg injuries or illnesses that limit their mobility.

However, these workouts should always be done safely. As a trusted provider of home care in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, we want to share with the seniors out there these important workout safety tips:

  • Know your pace and limits.
    Before starting your exercise regimen, consult first with your doctor about your current health condition and what your limits and pace should be when exercising. You may also engage a home care services provider to assist you during your exercise and ensure your safety.
  • Do warm-up and cool-down movements.
    Do warming up before starting to exercise and cooling down stretches afterward. This help prevents cramps or getting your muscles strained.
  • Stay hydrated.
    You lose a lot of fluids while sweating during your workout sessions, so it is important to be properly hydrated.

Doing simple exercises regularly is ideal for seniors. However, we should always remember to practice safety measures when working out. For mobility assistance and personal care in Illinois, contact us at Golden Years Home Care LLC.

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